Dr. Kalyan Gupta President & Founder

Ph.D., Business Administration (Management Science and Information Systems), McMaster University, Canada

M.T., Industrial Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India

B.E., Mechanical Engineering, Government College of Engineering & Technology, Raipur, India

Dr. Gupta, an artificial intelligence scientist and entrepreneur, founded Knexus Research in 2006. As both the company’s leader and a hands-on researcher, he acquires funds, leads, and conducts autonomous and decision support systems research to develop advanced software prototypes and transition them into commercially viable intelligent systems.

Building on more than 20 years of innovation and product development experience, Dr. Gupta is a veteran of two startups and holds five U.S. patents. He has developed intelligent systems applications for activity and threat recognition, multimodal interaction with virtual agents, adaptive web­service brokering, communications prioritization, and conversational diagnosis.

Dr. Gupta’s artificial intelligence research interests include human­supervised autonomy, simulation and testbeds, spatial planning, anomaly detection, model­based diagnosis, mixed­initiative planning, relational learning, knowledge representation and reasoning, conversational textual case­based reasoning, taxonomy induction, natural language processing, and knowledge management.
Prior to founding Knexus Research, he was a chief scientist and senior scientist at ITT Industries. Earlier in his career, he founded and served as chief technologist of Terus Technologies Inc.

He and his wife, Archana, have a son and daughter. His hobbies include deep sea fishing, designing and building furniture, interior design, and building and flying radio-control airplanes.