Dr. Son To Senior AI R&D Scientist

Ph.D., Computer Science, New Mexico State University

B.Eng, Applied Math and Information Technology, Hanoi National University of Technology

Dr. To’s research interests include automated​ planning,​ planning​ ​under​ uncertainty,​ temporal planning, hierarchical task network (HTN) planning, knowledge representation,​ logical​ inference,​ reasoning about​ action​ ​and​ change,​ parallel​ computing​,​ advanced​ algorithms and machine​ learning.

His current research establishes foundational, effective approaches for AI planning and search algorithms. Dr. To focuses on developing Mixed Propositional Metric Temporal Logic (MPMTL), first of its kind, with temporal logic over discrete and continuous variables and continuous time. He uses MPMTL to represent and solve temporal planning with his novel representational extensions such as complex temporal constraints and overlapping action effects of the same variables. He proposes a new planning language MPDDL to express MPMTL and advanced search algorithms in the model space for temporal planning solutions. His temporal planners MTP and HTN-MTP provide superior expressivity and scalability over the state-of-the-art and outperform the state-of-the-art on multiple real-life applications.

Dr. To’s previous research involved belief state representation as well as novel search algorithms for planning with incomplete information. He developed numerous conformant and contingent planners that outperformed contemporary contingent planners.

He is the author of numerous scientific papers on his research at the top-tier Artificial Intelligence journal (AIJ) and conferences such as International Conference on Automated Planning and Scheduling (ICAPS), IJCAI, and AAAI. Dr. To has collaborated with co-authors from several institutions around the US and given presentations on his research publications at these conferences.

Prior to joining Knexus, Dr. To was a postdoctoral research scientist at the Institute for the Study of Learning and Expertise (ISLE) in Palo Alto, CA.

He enjoys watching music shows, playing guitar alongside his wife Ha and daughter Van singing, listening to Van playing piano, and playing tennis.