In the course of our research, development, and testing, Knexus Research often creates products that have far-reaching applications for other users and industries outside of the initial project scope. In the spirit of spreading innovation, Knexus Research has made several of these products available as open source software.

CCG2JS-Open source grammar conversion tool



This OpenCCG extension can compile a Combinatory Categorial Grammar (CCG) into a context-free grammar in the Java Speech Grammar Format (JSGF). This common format is used by several libraries, including the CMUSphinx speech recognition toolkit.


  • Compatible with OpenCCG 0.9.5
  • Released as open source software available on




eBotworks is an advanced simulation software and virtual testbed for autonomous agents command and control, research and development, and test and evaluation. It was developed by Knexus Research with Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) funding from Office of Naval Research. It is currently undergoing beta testing with selected users and researchers.


With eBotworks’ Operator Console, you can issue speech, text, and touch commands to control bots running on its simulation engine. For instance, you can issue a chat command to a bot to “go here” and click on a location for the bot to go to. Presently, we include simple bots that perform a limited number of behaviors in simulated indoor and outdoor environments. 


With its Executive Controller, you can develop and plug in your own autonomy and reasoning algorithms on available eBots and observe their behavior in selected environments. With the eBotworks Testbed, you can set up and run experiments that automatically compare the performance of your algorithms with others that perform the same autonomy tasks. 

SHOP2-PPDL+ Open Source Software for Automated Planning with Continuous Effects



SHOP2-PDDL+ is a hierarchical task network (HTN) planning algorithm for planning in domains with continuous change. It is based on the SHOP2 HTN planning software developed at University of Maryland, and has been extended to represent continuous-time domains.

SHOP2-PDDL+ was created by Knexus Research Corp. under contract to the Naval Research Laboratory, and was funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and Office of Naval Research.

The software provides hierarchical continuous planning capabilities in domains specified using the PDDL+ language specification, which provides “process” and “event” primitives for describing mixed discrete-continuous change. This is essential in domains such as spacecraft control, where durations are critical and reasoning about effects requires complex mathematical reasoning. HTN knowledge is useful in many real-world domains where speed is critical and predictability is important.




Use of this software requires a suitable Common Lisp interpreter; specifically, it has been tested using Allegro CL, Armed Bear Common Lisp, clisp, and sbcl.




Publications written based on using this software should refer to the publication “Planning in Dynamic Environments: Extending HTNs with Continuous Nonlinear Effects” by Molineaux, Klenk, and Aha.
Please address all questions to shop2-pddlplus-support@




You may download this software under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3. A copy of this license is included with the source distribution below and allows you to use, modify, and redistribute with or without modification the below software, provided that you do so using the same license. SHOP2-PDDL+ is distributed only as source, and has been tested under multiple operating systems.

Download SHOP2-PDDL+ source.