We help the Department of Defense, DOD prime contractors, and other DOD labs reduce costs, streamline operations, and stretch their finite resources farther than ever before possible. By amplifying their teams’ decision-making capabilities with intelligent software and technology solutions, we enable our clients to create next-generation technologies that maintain and advance American military dominance.

Knexus Research expands the breadth of its own expertise through collaboration with researchers and innovators whose knowledge complements our own. We are proud to have formed collaborative partnerships with the most highly regarded experts in their respective fields, who work with us to enhance product maturity, develop understanding of requirements, create components of complex projects, and share funding.


Among them:

  • General Dynamics
  • JHNA Inc.
  • Lockheed Martin
  • MCM Experts Inc.
  • Raytheon Integrated
  • Defense Systems

  • SAIC
  • Tarragon Consulting Corp.
  • TracLabs Inc.
  • University of Maryland


Whether we enlist these collaborators' assistance with components of our own projects or are called upon to share our own expertise, these partners help us set the pace in the vanguard of technological innovation.