We help the Department of Defense, DOD prime contractors, and other DOD labs reduce costs, streamline operations, and stretch their finite resources farther than ever before possible. By amplifying their teams’ decision-making capabilities with intelligent software and technology solutions, we enable our clients to create next-generation technologies that maintain and advance American military dominance. 

Information Technology Division (ITD) Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), Washington, D.C. 

  • Code 5510 (Navy Center for Applied Research in Artificial Intelligence - NCARAI) 
  • Code 5501 (Office of the Associate Superintendent of ITD)

Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) 

The Office of Naval Research (ONR)

  • Division 311 (Image Analysis and Understanding Program)
  • Division 321 (Ocean Sensing and Systems Applications Division)
  • Division 341 (Human and Bio Engineered Systems)