Knexus Research is currently hiring for the positions listed below:

Part-time positions available:

Full-time positions available:

If you’re interested in applying, and have the necessary qualifications and experience we seek, please fill out an application.

Due to Federal Government contract regulations, US Citizenship is required for most Knexus positions.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, gender identity and expression, age, disability, or Vietnam era, or other eligible veteran status, or any other protected factor.

Accountant – US Citizenship or US Permanent Resident Required

The Opportunity: We are looking for a Part-time Accountant to keep our books in order and do all the usual accounting tasks such as run the payroll, submit invoices, pay the bills and so on.  We have a flexible and open work environment. For the right candidate there is an option to work remotely. Only US Citizens and US Permanent Residents may apply at this time.

What We Will Ask You To Do: You will support the company President to perform and manage day to day accounting activities. These include bookkeeping, reconciliations, employee set up, payroll, accounts receivable and accounts payable management, develop quarterly and annual budgets.

What You Need To Have: You must have an Accounting Degree of some sort, preferably a Bachelor’s degree with 5 or more years of professional accounting experience preferably in a small business. You should know your way around various versions of Quickbooks. You should be familiar with government accounting standards and procedures,  job costing, and budgeting. You must be savvy with online applications, business and office productivity software.

What Will Get Us a Bit More Excited About You: If you have experience with US Government accounting standards and practices, specifically, defense contracting, we really want to talk to you. This includes familiarity with contract types, associated invoicing procedures, knowledge and experience with Procurement Integrated Enterprise Environment, and contract cost tracking. Prior experience with indirect rate budget preparation, incurred cost and submission, and contract closeout would be really great.

What To Expect From Our Selection and Interview Process: You will chat with us on Google Hangouts about your accounting experience and tell us how you have used Quickbooks professionally. We may also ask you to take some online personality and aptitude tests. If you impress us, you’ll visit us at National Harbor to chat with the team and we will show you around our offices. And, you can ditch the formal attire, informal and casual is OK.

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AI Research Scientist – US Citizenship Required

The Opportunity: As a Knexus Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Scientist, you will aid in the research and evaluation of state of the art machine learning (ML) algorithms. The candidate will collaborate with the field’s leading experts to design and administer evaluations of ML algorithms on explainability, trust, and user-machine task performance. This position will give you the opportunity to contribute to state-of-the-art research and shape the development and maturation of the field of explainable AI.


  • Design empirical and psychological research studies for AI algorithms
  • Administer evaluations on advanced topics in Computer Science, AI, and ML particularly with respect to topics of explainability, trust, and joint user-machine task performance
  • Assist in the creation of technical documents and publications for AI algorithms

Required Qualifications and Experience:

  • MS in Computer Science or a closely related field, or 3 years’ experience
  • Must include 6 months experience with
    • Research on relevant AI topics
    • Development of research prototypes to showcase developed Algorithms
    • Java, C++, or Python

Bonus Experience: 

  • Understanding of Software Engineering Principles in relation to AI research
  • A history of scientific publications on relevant AI research

Interview and Selection:  Applicants should be prepared to discuss and explain their computer science and development experience, participate in a programming test, submit any publications they have authored, and submit code or knowledge engineering samples as applicable.

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AI Research Engineer

JOB DUTIES: Design and develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) based multi-agent simulation systems. Develop parallelized algorithms and software for efficient empirical evaluation of privacy-preserving decision algorithms and multi-agent simulations. Research and develop algorithms and software for parallelized/distributed modeling, synthesis and analytics for privacy-preserving, high dimensional data. Perform research and prototype development tasks for AI multi-agent social network systems and privacy-preserving software and algorithms using differential privacy mechanisms for crisis management and detection, with defense-related applications. Perform predictive analytics with machine learning algorithms. Develop interactive and static data visualizations for AI multi-agent simulation software.

REQUIREMENTS: Master’s degree in Computer Science and 1 year of experience in Software Development or Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science plus 5 years’ experience in Software Development. Experience must include 1 year of experience in multiprocessing and GPU parallel programming and 1 year of experience with Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC). Must have experience in developing web based graphical user interfaces (GUIs). Must have experience with distributed version control (e.g. Git) and build frameworks (e.g. Gradle). Must have experience with unit testing frameworks (e.g. jUnit, unitests, pytest). Must have proficiency with Python or Java. Must have knowledge of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Parallel Programming, and Distributed Systems. Must have Academic or Industrial research experience in AI or Distributed Systems.

Job Location: Knexus Research Corporation, 174 Waterfront St., Ste. 310, National Harbor, MD 20745

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AI Software Engineer – US Citizenship Required

Multiple Positions (Jr, Mid, and Senior level)

About Us: We conduct artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) research to demonstrate the art-of-the-possible. We develop software solutions for our clients, including leading national agencies. We are a small business located on the banks of the Potomac River, in Maryland. Visit our website at if you want to know more about what we do. Check out our Twitter feed (@knexusresearch) for what we are up to.

The Opportunity: Are you looking to take a deep dive and test your understanding of AI and ML concepts by engineering some industrial strength applications? Do you want to push the boundaries of AI applications way beyond what the popular press espouses? If so, you should check us out. 

We have several active projects on multi-agent simulation, adversarial reasoning, automated  planning, and natural language processing. We are looking for passionate and driven individuals with background and training in AI and ML who can engineer AI applications and services and take them from the lab to the field. We want you to engineer serious applications that hold up to the rigors of real-world test cases from our ambitious customers. If you are a passionate individual, driven to excel, and want to be a member of an agile team then, we want to talk to you.

What We Will Ask You To Do: You will study an application’s functional and performance requirements. You will work with our AI scientists and your fellow engineers to become deeply familiar with AI and ML algorithms to develop the application services. You will collaborate with the team, listen, and speak your mind to design, implement, test, and deploy AI systems. Most importantly, you will exercise good software engineering practices to rapidly develop, test, and deliver applications that get the job done and do it well.

What You Need To Have: We are looking for people at multiple seniority levels. You should have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. Ideally, you have some background in AI, ML algorithms; education, courses, self-study, experience with some topics such as agents, simulation, perception, reasoning, or natural language processing. You are proficient in coding with Python and/or C++. Your knowledge and familiarity with different parts of code and code collaboration should match your level of experience. You have worked with Git version control and have experience building frameworks and performing unit tests.

What Will Get Us a Bit More Excited About You: You will get some bonus points if:  You have a Masters degree in Computer Science with formal courses in AI and ML. You have applied AI and ML concepts to gaming/simulation, experience with 2/3D visualization, and/or displaying and manipulating map data. You know about RESTful APIs and are familiar with Docker, SQL, Mongo, or Node.js. Lastly, if you have experience with build frameworks such as Gradle, Maven, Cmake, and Gulp.

What Should You Expect Our Selection and Interview Process to Be: You will have to complete our coding test. Then you will chat with us on Google Hangouts about the AI/ML projects you have worked on; especially, the ones that are challenging or get you excited about the possibilities of AI. If you impress us, you’ll visit us at National Harbor to chat with the team and we will show you around our office. No need to fuss over workplace attire, casual clothes and sneakers will do.

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INTERNSHIP – Artificial Intelligence: Procedural Content Generation, Natural Language Processing, Narrative Generation, and Digital Art

About Us: We pride ourselves as a leader in the Artificial Intelligence community, having experience in both research and development of software to be used by the Department of Defense, Census Bureau, and other government agencies. You can get a deep dive of some of our past projects here.

The Opportunity: We are looking for exceptional, dedicated individuals to conduct applied research on AI and ML to solve challenging real-world problems in natural language processing, procedural graphics generation, and storytelling. You and your fellow interns will have the chance to take the lead on the implementation of this project while being mentored by experts in the field of AI and ML


  • Payment: Full time (40 hours per week) at $1000/wk
  • Start Date: Early June 2020
  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Location: Onsite at our office in National Harbor, MD 
Internship Opportunities
  • Research and develop a variety of AI algorithms
  • Work with open and closed source AI and ML software
  • Build and test proof-of-concept software prototypes
  • Conduct performance studies
  • Create a system showcase to demonstrate software functionality
Project Roles

We are hiring interns with a variety of skill sets to fill our various research and development opportunities. Do your skills align with one or more of the following?

  • Procedural Content Generation:
    • Experience using computer-defined specifications to generate content that will be provided to an end user
    • Experience validating the quality and realism of procedurally generated content
  • Natural Language Processing and Narrative Generation:
    • Experience with one or more of the following: narrative generation, story generation, natural language processing
  • Digital Art:
    • A background in graphic design and digital art
    • Ability to generate custom art assets and modify existing assets
    • Understanding what make a visual representation of a scene appealing to a viewer
Qualifications and Experience  
  • Working toward a Masters or PhD in a field relevant to your desired project role (Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Art, etc.), or exceptional Bachelors students
  • Experience with high-level programming languages (e.g., Java, Python, C++); limited programming experience is required for the Digital Art position but any programming exposure is a benefit
  • Excellent English written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience with one or more of the following:
    • Coursework or projects in AI and/or Machine Learning, and experience implementing AI algorithms or using AI software/libraries/tools
    • Experience encoding data for use by AI or ML algorithms and evaluating their performance
    • Knowledge of digital art and visual storytelling
    • Experience procedurally arranging graphical content
    • Experience analyzing plot, story structure, and themes from stories
    • Experience developing user-centric software
Qualified applicants will be required to
  • Respond to a brief Q&A via email
  • Participate in a short (10 minute) non-technical prescreen phone call
  • Complete a test to evaluate your skill set (programming internship) or provide a portfolio of your work (digital art internship)
  • Participate in a technical interview (by video conference call) with our Intern Mentorship team

All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, gender identity and expression, age, disability, or Vietnam era, or other eligible veteran status, or any other protected factor.  

Release Date: January 2020

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Web Developer – US Citizenship Required

Multiple Positions (Mid and Senior level)

The Opportunity:  As a Knexus Web Developer, you’ll be part of a team responsible for implementing cutting edge Artificial Intelligence algorithms and turning them into complete, robust, well-engineered applications for our customers.  Our projects incorporate algorithms and research from several domains within Artificial Intelligence, such as: Mission Planning, Goal Recognition, Adversarial Reasoning, Multi-Agent Simulation, and more! You’ll build visual workflow applications that showcase new algorithm capabilities. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the algorithms from our veteran Researchers and Engineers, who combined have decades of experience in the AI industry.

As a web developer you’ll be involved with all aspects of the software development life cycle and are expected to contribute to create the best product possible. We use the latest in industry standard tools and technologies, and place utmost importance on delivering high quality solutions. We are looking for self motivated web developers who are able to apply their skills and learn new technologies to solve real world problems. The ideal candidate will be a driven, team-oriented individual who can hit the ground running. Prior web development experience is required, and we will provide further guidance and training in relevant software engineering skills and tools.


  • Collaboratively design and implement web applications using cutting-edge technologies
  • Develop and use modular systems in distributed architectures
  • Use agile development techniques

Required Qualifications and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or a related field
  • 4-6 years web app development experience
  • Proficiency with Angular 6 and Material
  • Proficiency with Typescript
  • Expertise with HTML and CSS
  • Experience developing and consuming RESTful APIs
  • Experience with distributed version control (e.g. git, mercurial)
  • Experience with build frameworks (e.g. gradle, maven, cmake, gulp)
  • Experience with unit test frameworks (e.g. junit, testng, mocha, python unittest)
  • Experience working in a small team environment

Bonus Experience:

  • Artificial Intelligence and/or Machine Learning experience
  • Proficiency with Java and/or Python
  • Experience with GIS technologies
  • Experience with D3.js or similar
  • Experience with JBoss or JSF
  • Familiarity with technologies such as Docker, SQL, PostgreSQL, Node.js, Spring, Flask
  • Experience with Kanban Workflow, GitFlow, and related software engineering practices

Interview and Selection:  Applicants should be prepared to discuss and explain their web development experience, provide code samples or websites that they have developed, and participate in a programming test.

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